I was born 1985 and spent my childhood and youth in the backwoods of Milan, Italy. A lot of books, comic strips and a constantly growing stamp collection helped me fight against afternoon boredom and inspired me to my first drawings.

2002 a school exchange program brought me to Kaiserslautern, a city in southwest Germany. The change of air turned out to feel even better than I had dared to dream, so I decided to stay. After senior high school I moved to Berlin, where I studied education with a focus on media-pedagogy. Later I worked as a project manager for a children’s media publisher, as a teacher and as a social educator. But I missed something: daily activities with pencils and paper.

And that’s how it happened that since 2012 I address myself completely to illustration. I like China ink and watercolor best. The city and its building became an important core of my business. When I’m not drawing, you can find me in the kitchen or on my racing bike in the surroundings of Berlin.

Artistic Career

2012 – 2016: study “Illustration Design” in Berlin

Since 2013: freelancer illustrator (customers: Deutsche Bahn, GASAG, Sanofi-Aventis Schweiz, Sanofi Deutschland, Siemens, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises)

2014–2016: illustration blog “Berlin am Sonntag” with a streetscape a week

2014: first prize for the “Illustration of the Invisible Girl Pepa” by the Goloseo Verlag

2015: exhibition “Moabit am Sonntag”; talk about illustration at the dpa-Infografik; workshop “How To Design Flipcharts” for trainer of Sanofi Deutschland GmbH

2016: publication of Berlin – Ein Reiseheft für Besucher und neugierige Bewohner” (Berlin – A Travel Pad for Guests and Curious Inhabitants); exhibition “Berlin am Sonntag”