For the illustrations in this children’s coloring book, I took motifs of the stores from the Neighborhood Buyers Guide and created them as black-and-white line drawings with sufficient outline thickness for coloring. The commissioner for this project was LOKATION:S Gesellschaft für Standortentwicklung mbH, with whom I had already realized the Neighborhood Buyers Guide a few years earlier.
Businesses of the tradesmen, people, animals, plants, vehicles and other “city furnishings” are put together in varied scenes that encourage storytelling – there is much to discover! The illustrations have different sizes and levels of detail depending on the age or developmental stage of the children or on their desire, time and mood. The motifs can be colored within the outlines and at the same time offer room for children’s creativity: Is the woman laughing or is she completely amazed at the way the dog is running in front of her? Is the sun shining or does the wind make some autumn leaves fly?
Technique: ink.